Monday, June 23, 2014

Pullip Kiyomi: Review

After so long of not being available anywhere, listings of Pullip Kiyomi began popping up one by one like daisies on ebay and amazon! Even PullipStyle has her available for preorder right now! I've always liked Kiyomi and had wished to buy her but she was never available, and I figured I'd never get her with her being such a popular doll and that I would just have to forever admire her in pictures (a bit over-dramatic, considering she isn't even a sold out doll yet), but I suppose miracles do happen! Having her in person, I can see why she's the favorite of the Beary Fairy Series! 

Pullip Kiyomi Comes With:

- Plush bunny hood
- Pink bunny scarf
- Baby blue polka dotted top
- Multi-layered halter dress made from netted material
- Pink terry cloth scarf with purple bunnies
- Fleece polka dot hoodie with a functional zipper on the hood
- Pink terry cloth shorts
- Beige polka dot knee high socks
- A pair of plush slippers
- Pullip Kiyomi's Trading Card
- Doll Stand


- Simple, versatile faceup! She has thick straight eyebrows that give her a sweet and friendly look, brown, pink,and white eye shadow, honey colored lashes, and soft pink blush and lips!
- Her glittery gold eye chips are stunning!
- Her wig is very soft and wavy and is a beautiful mix of golden brown and blonde! Really easy to manage and very little frizz!
- No wig netting showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Bunny hood is so soft and the bendable ears are fun to pose! It's also really easy to remove and put back onto her head, unlike with Dal Dalcomi's hood.
- Entire stock outfit is extremely cute! She can also wear it in different ways! For example, you can untie the ribbon that ties around her neck and tuck the top part of her dress under her skirt and keep her blue top on her, or you can remove the dress entirely and have her in her shorts and her top with her scarf tied around her hair, or have her wear her hoodie with it!
- No chance of stock outfit staining her!
- Perfect working eye mechs! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Type 4 body!


-  The material for the dress is very thin and can rip and tear.


- Her joints squeak and creak when you bend them, but it's tolerable enough to deal with. (May vary from doll to doll.)

The Verdict:

I highly, highly recommend Kiyomi to both new collectors and veteran collectors that don't have her already! She's beautiful and is just about perfect with how easily manageable she is! Fans of the fairy kei style will adore her, and even if you aren't fond of fairy kei fashion, she's a very versatile doll that would look great in almost anything you put her in! If you decide to buy her, you won't be sorry!

Pictures of Lavender, my Pullip Kiyomi:

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