Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pullip Snow White: Review

It took me awhile to realize that I actually wanted Pullip Snow White. I have always seen her around while shopping for dolls, and I'd always glance and her and think to myself how cute she was, only to pass her up. Well, I finally came around to getting her, but not without any trouble. It's a bit of a long story, but I basically had originally bought her off of amazon.com, but the seller landed up messaging me saying that they had lost her, and gave me a full refund. After that, I tried looking elsewhere and found a listing on Ebay that I felt was reasonably priced enough, only to get a message from that seller telling me that they didn't ship to APO addresses despite them not specifying that in their listing, and I got my money back from them. Just when I thought getting her just wasn't going to happen, lo and behold, Pullip Style had brought her back in stock, and for much less than what I was originally going to spend on her! So I bought her from there and of course, being as reliable as they are, they shipped her out fast and she arrived within a week! While I went through a lot of hassle for her, I'm so glad I didn't give up on her, because she truly is a lovely doll!

Pullip Snow White Comes With:

- Adjustable bow headband
- An apple shaped purse with beading and embroidery and a beaded handle
- Red and white dress complete with puffed sleeves, frills, lace, beading, ribbon threading and bows
- White tights
- Red pumps with and ankle strap
- Pullp Snow White's trading card
- Doll stand


- Her faceup is much more unique than I thought it would be! She has red, brown, and green eye shadow, with lots of brown lashes and subtle streaks of silver lashes painted along the bottom half  her eyes. I never would have thought of using all of those colors together, but it works and looks nice. She also has rosy cheeks and  red lips that have just the right amount of color to them, not too sheer or too overwhelming.
- Her lids are painted a nice reddish-brown color that matches her red eye shadow!
- Her eye chips have a lot going lots of detail. They appear to be blue with lots of gray streaks surrounding the pupil and have yellow and white dots and lines painted on them to simulate the look of shine. It gives her a lively look!
- Her wig is such a pretty ebony and her curls are so cute! It's also very soft!
-  Her stock outfit and accessories have so many intricate details on them and are very opulent! They're definitely suited for a princess!
- Her shoes fit pretty well and don't slip or fall off!
- Type 4 body!
- Perfect working eye mechs that don't get stuck and aren't stiff! (May vary from doll to doll.)


- Her stock has a lot of little pieces that can possibly fall off and get lost, so it would be a good idea to handle her stock as gently as possible.


-  Her wig has some frizz, but nowhere near as bad as most people tend to say. I was expecting it to be full-on frizz fest, like with Pullip Hannah's wig. I may have gotten lucky with that.
- There is some wig netting showing through, which is normally a bad thing, but you have to look really hard to see it, since it blends in very well with her wig. 

The Verdict:

Pullip Snow White is definitely a winner in my eyes! Though she does not look exactly like the Snow White most of us are familiar with, she is just as fair and beautiful! She has a very sweet and kind look that's perfect for the character she represents! Whether or not you are a fan of the story of Snow White, there is no denying how stunning she is! If you're planning on getting her, I highly recommend going through PullipStyle to buy her, because she's much more affordable there compared to the listings you might find on amazon and ebay.

Pictures of Scarlette, my Pullip Snow White:

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