Saturday, June 14, 2014

Isul Nekoneko Maomao: Review

Before, I hadn't really thought anything of Isul. Upon starting my collection, I only really cared about Pullip and Dal and wasn't too interested in any of the male dolls. Recently though, I had decided to take a closer look at Isul, and I found that I actually really liked him! He actually has quite the pretty face that has a sort of feminine quality to it. I figured that his androgynous looks would be versatile and that he could look really cute in both male and female styles! So, with a new opinion on him, I decided to look into buying my very first Isul doll. With a little help, I had landed up choosing Isul Nekoneko Maomao! I don't think I could have picked a more perfect Isul for my first one! I'm so happy with him, that I definitely plan to include more Isul dolls in my collection! I've already spotted a few that I really want!

Isul Nekoneko Maomao Comes With:

- Furry coat with patches and functional zipper
-Nekomimi hood with safety pins pierced through it and polka dot material lining the inside of it
- 4 tops: 1 red and white long sleeved shirt, 1 black and white sleeveless shirt, 1 black shirt that says Cat Boy on it, and 1 red T-shirt
- A chain necklace with a star and cat charm hanging from it
- Denim shorts
- A pair of polka dotted shorts
- Chain belt with cat tail
- 1 pair of black and white striped socks
- 1 pair of polka dotted socks
- White boots with black soles
- A pair of red framed glasses with black stripes on the band
- Isul Nekoneko Maomao's trading card
- Doll stand


-! He comes with so much Lots of clothes and accessories allow you to mix and match!
- Glasses stay on well and fit nicely on his face!
- His wig is very soft and smooth and very manageable!
- No wig netting showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Awesome silver eye chips!
-Coat is very fluffy and soft! The functional zipper is a nice touch.
- Hood is not attached to the coat and has two holes so you could wrap it around his head and have him wear it on its own!
- Eye mechs work perfectly! They can open and close easily and move side to side! (May vary from doll to doll)
- Boots stay put on his feet!


- The button on his shorts isn't sewn on well. It can easily fall off and it's really small and easy to lose.
- The hook that's on his shorts latches on to a loop made of thread that can come undone easily. If it does come undone, his shorts have a tendency to slip off.
- His shirts are made from thin material that may tear easily or get holes in them.
- His shirts can stain his body. I noticed while redressing my doll that his shoulders and arms were slightly tinted red from his sleeves.


- His body is really stiff at the joints. It makes it a little hard to pose him, but it's possible they can loosen up over time.
- His eyebrows are a little odd looking, but it's not something I particularly mind.

The Verdict:

I definitely think that Isul Nekoneko Maomao makes a great Isul doll, especially for those who are looking into buying one for the first time! He is a little expensive, but keep in mind that he comes with a lot, even more than most Pullip dolls do, so I feel the price is justified. It's really great for dressing him up or even using his extra clothes and accessories on other dolls! If you're thinking about getting him, go for it, because he's a very popular doll and it would be best to get him before he becomes sold out!

Pictures of Tobias, My Isul Nekoneko Maomao:

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