Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dal Sentimental Noon: Review

Dressed as a cute little clown with a red and white theme, Dal Sentimental Noon is a very eye-catching doll! At first, I thought she was based on a pierrot doll, but it turns out she is actually part of the Snow White series from back in 2012 and is supposed to be one of the seven dwarfs! (I wonder which one she's supposed to be? Happy? Possibly Dopey? Or maybe she represents one of the dwarfs from the Japanese version of Snow White.) Either way, there is no denying how cute she is! Even my own husband couldn't resist wanting her, and so we landed up buying her as his first doll! Thankfully, my husband was okay with me taking pictures and writing a review on her here!

Dal Sentimental Noon Comes With:

- Jester Hat
- Clown mask
- Ruffled pinstripe blouse with corset
- Red and white skirt with sequin detailing
- Tulle petticoat with lace trimming
- Red and white striped stockings
- Red and white ankle-strapped platform shoes
- Marionette
- Dal Sentimental Noon's trading card
- Doll stand

-  Lovely red wig!
- Eye chips are a pretty deep purple!
- Nice faceup! She has silver eye shadow in her crease and black painted on lashes, scarlet blush, and salmon pink lips!
- Stock outfit is nicely made! It's pretty unlikely that it will tear or come undone.
- Her clown mask is really fun! You can place it around her hat, have her wear it over her face, or around her neck! It give you various posing options!
- Her marionette is an adorable and fun accessory!
- Great price! 


- Very frizzy and messy wig. It was in pretty bad condition upon removing her from the box and took a lot of anti-frizz serum and combing to make it look nice. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her legs seem to be weak at the knees. She can't stand with her legs straight and bend under her weight. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her hat can mess up her hair a bit when putting it on or taking it off. It also doesn't have anything to keep it in place so it can fall off easily when moving or posing her.


- Her shoes are too big for her and her feet can slide out of them a bit, but they generally seem to stay on well enough and don't fall right off her feet.
- the chains on her marionette seem a little flimsy, but shouldn't break off unless you tug at them too hard.

The Verdict:

Dal Sentimental Noon is highly worth having! If you are a Dal lover, you surely need to add her to your collection if you haven't already! She's so precious and endearing, that it's hard not to smile when looking at her! There are also so many fun ways to pose her with the accessories that she comes with! Also, as far as Dals and Pullips go, she's a very good price! You can find her on listed for $98, or on amazon for even less! (Listings range from $55 to $75.) 

Pictures of Peppermint, my husband's Dal Sentimental Noon:

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