Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dal Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Edition: Review

I really love almost anything and everything having to do with Sanrio. If you slap a Sanrio character on something, you can bet that I'll be drooling over it. The 10th Anniversary edition of Dal Cinnamoroll is no exception. I was so excited when I saw this doll because I had really wanted the original Dal Cinnamoroll, but it was out of my price range. By chance I had found the 10th anniversary version which was similar to the original, only much cheaper! (She's $69.99 on amazon!) Of course, there are some differences, such the colors used on their face up and eye chips (the original has green and yellow eye shadow, orange blush and lips, and lighter blue chips) and the extra outfit and accessories that they each come with,  but the resemblance of the doll itself is close enough to the original that I can't really complain about her in terms of appearance. She is undoubtedly a very cute doll!

Dal Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Edition Comes With:

- Plush Cinnamoroll suit with polkadot lining on the inside
- Top hat with hooks underneath the brim that attach to the top of the Cinnamoroll suit
- A felt mustache with  a hook and a clear elastic string with a lobster claw clasp
-  A pair of white gloves
- A pair of white plush slippers
- A bag shaped like a teacup
- a cane with a dangling star charm hanging from it
- A mini toy rabbit
- A set of black and blue satin pajamas consisting of a long babydoll tank top and bloomers
- Trading card
-Doll stand


- Her wig is a pretty blue color and the short hairstyle is very cute!
- Her faceup is very pretty!  Her eyebrows are light brown/medium blonde in color and straight (the same as the original Dal Cinnamoroll) and she has pink lids and yellow eye shadow, short brown lashes painted on the bottom half of her eyes, pink blush, and light pink lips. I didn't think I'd be very fond of it from looking at her stock photos, but it looks so much nicer in person!
- Her eye chips are a pretty deep blue!
- She comes with a lot of  cute accessories that you can mix and match with her two outfits!
- Her suit is very soft and well-made for the most part and is very easy to put on. The star-shaped button on it is a very cute detail, too!
- Eye mech works perfectly! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Very affordable!
- Would look cute in lots of other outfits!


- Her gloves and slippers are too big for her hands and feet and can fall off easily.
-  The button on the front of her suit can come off easily if you aren't careful.
-  You absolutely cannot place her on her stand while she's wearing her Cinnamoroll suit, so if you plan on using the stand she comes with, you have to either put her in the pajamas she comes with, or another outfit.
- It can be difficult to put her in some poses while she's in her suit because it's kind of bulky.
- Her wig is stiff and has an oddly rough texture to the back of it. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her left leg can come off easily. My dolls leg came off before I even had the chance to remove her from her box. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her pajamas are made of satin material, which can snag easily onto velcro and nails.
- She can't hold onto her cane very well. It doesn't fit in her hands and the star charm is too heavy and makes it a bit tricky to balance on her hands.


- Her felt mustache could possibly stain her face if you put it on her and leave it there for a long time. I haven't had that happen with my doll, as she is relatively new to my collection, but I would advise that you don't leave it on her for long periods of time just to be safe.
- Her set of pajamas are adorable, but in my personal opinion, I think the original's pajamas are much cuter in comparison.
- I don't normally care too much about the trading cards that the Pullip Family dolls come with, but I do like to keep them. I like how they're made of sturdy cardboard, and it makes me sad that this doll's card is just is printed on a folded sheet of paper. 

The Verdict:

While I do think this doll is super adorable, she really isn't a favorite among all the dolls I have. Not to say that she doesn't have a lot of good qualities to her and that I dislike her, it's just that I'm slightly disappointed with her overall quality. Sure she's really cheap, but I feel that there are better dolls to choose from that are roughly around the same price as her. If you really love Sanrio and are still set on getting this doll, just keep in mind some of the issues that you may possibly have with her. 

Pictures of Etoile, My Dal Cinnamoroll:

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