Friday, June 13, 2014

Dal Heiwa: Review

With big brown doe-like eyes and pretty pink hair, Heiwa is the epitome of all that is cute! After spending so much time admiring her, I finally had made her part of my collection! The insanely talented Poison Girl had truly created a treasure when she designed her! Though I cannot stop gushing over how adorable Heiwa is, what makes me love her the most  is her amazing back story! If you haven't read it, I suggest reading this article  (which is also linked on Poison Girl's website) that gives a little insight on how Heiwa came to be! I truly think that it makes her all the more special!

Dal Heiwa Comes With:

- White wooden antlers
- Pink knit sweater
- Long sleeved beige dress with pintucks, lace, bead buttons, and a layered skirt with a beautiful lace bow and pink rose for decoration
- White mesh tights
- A pair of fuzzy legwarmers
- A pair of cute pink platform shoes
- Dal Heiwa's trading card
- Doll stand


- Really unique faceup! She has delicate light brown eyebrows that are ever so slightly angled upward, teal eyeshadow with little teal speckles dotted along her temples and cheekbones, pink shadow along the inner corners of her eyes, triangular shaped lashes, rosy blush on her cheeks, and pink heart-shaped lips!  These small touches really stand out as Poison Girl's work!
- Her brown eye chips are very pretty and are complimented by her wig!
- Wig is a nice blend of light pink and hot pink!
- No netting showing through wig! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her hair is very soft and smooth and is styled in a way that makes it very easy to manage! She also has parted bangs that are a nice change to the usual straight-across bangs that most Pullip and Dal wigs have!
- Her antlers stay in place quite well despite the headband not being adjustable or having anything to keep it in place!
- Her sweater is so cute and versatile! It would look nice paired with other outfits!
- Her entire stock is pretty well made and of good quality!
- Absolutely no issues with her eye mechs or her body! No stiffness, no wobbly torso, and no cracks! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her shoes stay on her feet well! I have not had a problem with her feet slipping out of them, despite them being a bit loose.


- Heiwa is a little expensive, especially for not coming with too much. She is currently priced at $127.95 on


- Though I don't see this as an issue, what may bother some people is that her wig is a bit on the thin side. 
- While she doesn't have a pouty expression, she sort of has a somewhat sad look to her face, which some may not be overly fond of. Personally, I think it adds to her dainty appearance.

The Verdict:

While Dal Heiwa isn't so budget friendly, I feel she is worth every penny. She's adorable, feminine, unique, and overall, a very good quality doll! I really can't find anything about her that I can really complain about! She would make an excellent first doll for those beginning a collection and I'm sure that fans of Dal would just love her! So don't pass her up!

Pictures of Fawn, my Dal Heiwa:

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