Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dal Heart Macaron: Review

Every time I look at Parfait, my Dal Heart Macaron, a feeling of nostalgia washes over me. She brings me back to when I was just first discovering the world of Pullip dolls and the rest of the Pullip family. It wasn't very long ago that I began collecting (just a few months back, actually) , but my doll family has grown exponentially since then, and it all started with the darling Heart Macaron. Because of that, she has a special place in my heart!

 Dal Heart Macaron was released back in 2012 as a collaboration doll with Mitsukazu Mihara and the ever popular lolita brand that caused a boom in the sweet lolita trend, Angelic Pretty. Needless to say, they really whipped up something sweet when they came up with her design! Her stock is based off of Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream OP in yellow. A beautiful illustration of her wearing the dress was featured on the cover of the Gothic & Lolita Bible volume 42!

Dal Heart Macaron Comes With:

- Headband with ruffles, ribbon, buttons, and macaron ornaments
- Dress modeled after Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream in yellow
- Light pink opaque knee high socks with whipped cream and strawberries printed up along the sides and ribbons printed on the knees
- A pair of white gloves with ribbons and pink heart-shaped buttons at the cuffs
- A pair of purple strapped shoes
- Mini Whip Bear
- Purse that's made to look like a multi-layered cake with cherries and beading
- Pink picnic blanket
- Dal Heart Macaron's trading card
- Doll stand


- Cute simple faceup with pink painted lids! Painted teeth also makes her look like she's smiling!
- Her eye chips have small hearts painted on them!
-  She comes with quite a few accessories for a Dal and they're all very cute!
- Whip Bear is slightly poseable with movable arms and legs!
- Stock is quite well-made and not likely to fall apart or become damaged. Macaron charms are also sewn on well!
- Bendable band helps keep her headband in place!
- Wig is a pretty pink with blue streaks!
- Wig netting doesn't show through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Shoes stay on her feet quite well!


- Her gloves are small and her hands can get caught in the cuffs when trying to put them on.
-  Shoe straps can be a little hard to buckle around her ankles.
- Although cute, her bag isn't very functional. The zipper works, but the inside is filled with stuffing to help keep it's shape, making it unusable.
- In my opinion, her hair is too long. It goes past her feet and if you have her standing on the mat she comes with, it kind of sticks to it.


- The front and back of her skirt are sewn together around her legs. It doesn't make it easy to dress  her in different outfits, but it's most likely that way to showcase the design of the dress better.
- Her wig isn't as wavy or as nicely styled as shown in her stock photo, but still cute regardless.

The Verdict:

Dal Heart Macaron is incredibly sweet looking and oh so adorable! While some may not be a fan of the painted on teeth, I personally think it gives her a nice and cheerful look! You will guaranteed love her if you are a fan of the sweet lolita look and Angelic Pretty's designs, or if you just love all things kawaii! She's a little pricey, but that's to be expected with a collaboration doll, and I say she's well worth the price since she does come with quite a few props and accessories! 

Pictures of Parfait, my Dal Heart Macaron:

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