Monday, June 9, 2014


I am beyond elated because my Pullip Chloi had just arrived today! I had decided to call her Esmeralda, because her eyes glitter and shine just like emeralds! She, along with Helena, my Pullip Bonita, are two of my grails that I thought I wouldn't ever be able to get! I feel so lucky to have gotten such a good deal on them, especially with Chloi, who I had won off of an auction, which, to my surprise, no one else had bid on! To have them both right now is like a dream! If I can just get my hands on Celsiy, my grail collection will be complete!

 To those who are reading this and are in pursuit of your own grail (or grails), I would like to lend you some encouragement. No matter how rare the doll you're looking for, or whether or not your doll is limited edition, do not lose hope! Keep on searching and remain patient, and sooner or later, you will find them for a great deal! Good luck!

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