Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pullip Kirsche: Review

Pullip Kirsche was a doll I wasn't quite sure about getting when I first saw her. I thought she was pretty and I really loved her wig color, but I was a little uncertain about just how much I wanted her, with her being an older doll (from 2008, to be precise) and also I just wasn't sure how I felt about her stock outfit. After a bit of looking at her pictures, I grow fonder and fonder of her,and I convinced myself that even if I did land up not loving her stock outfit, I could always redress her. Eventually, I caved in and decided that I must have her! I managed to find a very good deal on her through ebay, and I figured it would be best to get her before someone else could buy her. (She cost me $168  which, in my opinion, is an incredible deal for a doll that has been sold out for at least a few years.)  I was pleasantly surprised when Kirsche came in the mail just yesterday, and after unboxing her, I couldn't believe just how beautiful she really was!

Pullip Kirsche Comes With:

- Fascinator with lace trimming and a bow that ties under her chin
- Tiered dress with ribbon and lace detailing
- Knee-high black fishnet stockings 
- Black platform heels
- Black basket made of plastic with matching lace detailing
- Pullip Kirsche's trading card
- Doll stand


-  Her pretty and simple faceup gives a kind and friendly demeanor! Beautiful pearl pink eye shadow with thin black liner bordering her eyes and thinly painted light brown lashes and red lips complete her look!
- Eye lids painted the same pearl pink color used on her crease with brown liner near her lash line! (This is somewhat unique, as most dolls usually are given the standard black eyeliner.)
- Wig is a  gorgeous vibrant red! It also is easy to manage and her braids prevent her hair from becoming too messy! I managed to tame any frizz with just a bit of anti-frizz serum!
- Bangs have a part to them! I personally think that it's a nice change from the usual blunt/straight across bangs that most dolls seem to have.
- Fascinator and stock is very easy to put on and take off!
- Basket is sturdy and functional! You can easily put small items in it! 


- Type 3 Body. This body type is prone to issues like wrist cracking. My Kirsche actually came out of the box with her hand and part of her wrist completely broken off and I had to glue it back on for a temporary fix. I plan to obitsu her sometime in the near future. 
- The satin material and ribbons on her stock may fray or become damaged if you aren't careful with it.
- Her shoes have an odd, sticky feeling to them. I'm not sure if it's just something on my doll's shoes, or if it was the type of paint used on them.
- Shoes are a bit too large for her feet, causing her feet to slip out of them easily.
- I don't really love the reddish-orange lace used on her stock. To me, it makes the lace look old and faded. (It seems to be more noticeable in person than in photos.)


- Her eye mechs don't close all the way, but like Bonita, I think that's just the way it was made.
- Oddly, Kirsche doesn't come with her socks already on her, unlike most dolls that I have gotten. They are very easy to put on her though, so it's by no means an issue, just an observation I had.

The Verdict:

I am so happy I did not choose to overlook Kirsche! She really is quite a beauty with such a sweet expression that will make you melt! Despite the issues I had with my own Kirsche, I feel that she was worth it. For being a doll who is sold out, you can actually find her at some pretty reasonable prices that are not much higher than dolls that are available on through ebay. If you take the time to shop around, you most likely can find some very good deals on her. If you are just starting a collection though and are looking to buy your first Pullip, it may be best to go for a more recent doll release with a Type 4 body, which doesn't have the issues that a type 3 body has. If you really like her though, then just keep in mind that you may have to rebody her.

Pictures of my Pullip Kirsche:

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  1. I ordered Pullip Kirsche from eBay and her price was about 150€ with shipping costs. I have almost 5 years been looking for her in reasonable price. She's very pretty doll!