Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pullip 101: Simple, Basic Doll Care

Pullip dolls are beautiful collectible fashion dolls that are great for displaying and for photographing! They're highly detailed and elaborate dolls, and with that comes a steep price. With a doll that costs such a pretty penny, of course you would want to keep them in the best, most pristine as possible condition, right? Technically, the best method to keep them safe would be to leave them in their box, but it's a bit hard to admire them fully like that. (In my opinion, that is.) So, for those of you who are like me and like to display their dolls out of their boxes and to those who are just beginning their own Pullip collection,  I decided to compile a list of some very easy and simple ways to help keep your dolls in good condition!

1. Keep your dolls out of direct sunlight!

Too much sun exposure can cause damage to your dolls over time. It can ruin the plastic and cause yellowing. This damage is can be difficult to reverse depending on where the staining is at and may require you to sand off the stain. Unfortunately, this method can also land up removing the doll's faceup if the stain is on the face. This does not mean you can't take your dolls outside once in awhile for an outdoor photo shoot, though! Just be sure they aren't frequently being subjected to direct sunlight!

2. Display your dolls in a room that is of a comfortable temperature!

When finding a place to put your dolls on display, make sure you choose a room that isn't too hot! The heat can melt the plastic, particularly the plastic on the body. 

3. Have some glue handy!

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you handle your doll, something WILL fall off. Whether it's a rhinestone, bead, bow, rose, or whatever else, a dab of super glue can easily fix it right back into place! It's also useful for preventing ribbon from fraying! Just be careful with how much you use and what color the ribbon is, otherwise it could leave behind an unsightly mark when it dries!

4. A needle and thread may be necessary!

If you are deft with a needle in thread, it may come in good use! Sometimes certain details on stock outfits are not stitched on so well, and sometimes accidental tears occur. Most of the time, these things can be fixed by sewing them back together, though it may not work on lace or net material.

5. Snip it away with a pair of scissors!

Be it a loose thread, too-long bangs, or an uneven wig, a pair of scissors will be of great help! A snip here and there can even help reduce frizz on dolls with curly wigs! Just be careful you don't cut off too much, as doll hair doesn't grow back!

6. Keep a bottle of anti-frizz serum nearby!

(Not my video!)

If you aren't confident with boiling your doll's hair or don't want to rewig your doll, just a little anti-frizz serum can go a long way when it comes to taming your Pullip's messy locks! It really does make a dramatic improvement and it's such an easy way to keep wigs looking nice! It can even help tame any random hairs that happen to be sticking up out of place!  Alternatively, you can also use wig spray. Remember to try to keep the products away from their face!

7. Safely store any extra accessories, clothes, and props in a sealed container!

Some dolls come with extra clothes, accessories, miniature plush dolls, and more! It is just as important to take care of these things as it is to take care of the dolls themselves! During the times that you aren't using certain pieces, it would be wise to keep them all together in a safe place that's sealed away. This way, you won't be able to lose them (and they ARE easy to lose, being so small and all) and there will be no way for them to become dirty, broken, or get eaten away at by moths and will be perfectly good for future use! 

8. Color Fast!

A lot of dolls with dark clothing can stain your doll's body. Color fasting your doll's clothes can help a great deal to prevent dye stains! Here's a nice, easy tutorial on how to do it using just a few things that you can find in your kitchen cabinet! This site also has many guides on how to repair your dolls and more that would be good to check out!

9. Magic Erase it!

Sometimes, color fasting doesn't always work. Do not fret though, as you can greatly reduce or completely remove the staining with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  You can also buff away shiny spots with a DRY Magic Eraser on the doll's face, just be very careful and precise when doing this, so you don't accidentally ruin the faceup!

10. Lastly, while we're still on the subject of staining....

Keep anything that can stain your doll's body away from their face, whether it be their clothes or even certain accessories! Try to also prevent a doll wearing clothing and accessories that can stain from ruining your other dolls by making sure that they aren't being displayed too closely together and are not touching!

That concludes basic care for Pullip dolls! Hopefully those of you reading this have found this to be helpful!

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