Friday, June 6, 2014

Pullip Hannah: Review

Pullip Hannah showed up on the Pullip scene in 2013. She is a collaboration doll between Pullip and Japanese clothing brand, SunaUna! What I love most about this doll is her overall simplicity. She doesn't come with as many bells and whistles to her stock outfit like many other Pullip dolls do, but she still manages to look very fashionable! She reminds me of the modern, everyday girls you see walking around here in Japan with the way she's dressed! Dresses similar in design to the one Hannah is sporting paired with some trendy tights and a pair of cute, feminine heels seems to be a popular go-to fashion choice when it comes to casual wear for the average Japanese woman! 

Pullip Hannah Comes With:

- A beret 
- Gold beaded necklace
- Fur coat (I believe it's faux fur) that hooks in the front
- Navy blue shift dress with floral print designed by SunaUna
- Navy blue stockings
- Navy blue shoes with bows placed at the toes
- Pullip Hannah's trading card
-Doll stand


- Wig is such a pretty  color combination of auburn and light brown! It's also fairly soft!
- Her  green eyechips stand out among her haircolor and her pink makeup! Her gray painted lashes don't overpower her look and keeps the look soft!
- Very versatile doll!
- She has such a bright and sunny look to her!
- Stock isn't overwhelming and everything is very easy to put on and take off with no hassle!
- Her stock is great quality! Out of all my dolls, she's one of the ones that have the best stock outfits! 
- Her coat and hat are so soft!
- Type 4 body!
- Shoes fit pretty well!


-  Her wig is extremely frizzy around her curls and can become even more frizzy easily. The degree of frizzing may differ from doll to doll.
- For some reason, it's very easy to pull out strands of hair from her wig with almost effortlessly. (May vary from doll to doll.)


- She costs a bit of money mainly because she's a collaboration doll ($127.95 on PullipStyle) and doesn't come with very much, but overall, it doesn't seems so bad because her stock is so nice and well-made.

The Verdict:

It's so unfortunate that Hannah is often overlooked and isn't so popular! Some may argue that she's a bit bland or that her outfit is a bit off-putting, but I absolutely adore her! For the most part, she's a quality doll and there's really not many negative things to say about her! The only issue I have with her is the wig, but there could be worse things than that. Honestly, I think she'd make for a fairly good starter doll for those just starting a collection, so long as they are careful with the aforementioned wig. She's just so versatile and would look gorgeous in almost any wig or outfit that you put her in! None of the pieces that she comes with are things that can be so easily ruined or torn, either. In my book, she's definitely a doll worth getting!

Pictures of  Marron, my Pullip Hannah:

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