Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pullip Chloi: Review

Words cannot describe how excited I am over Chloi! She arrived just yesterday and I can't help but glance over at her and giggle like a little girl! She is my second grail, and having her in my collection makes me feel like I'm over the moon! Originally though, I had wanted Clara, but I had changed my mind and decided I liked Chloi a little more as I thought her headband looked better and that the green would be a nice change from all my pink and purple covered dolls. Needless to say, I do not regret choosing Chloi one little bit! She's gorgeous, and I feel so fortunate to have her!

Pullip Chloi Comes With:

- Headband with bendable bunny ears and a ribbon that ties around her head
- Embellished tulle choker with studs, feathers, rose, and ribbon
- Two removable lace sleeves
- Strapless green and black tiered dress complete with lace, tulle, and bows
- Matching purse with gold ball chain handle
- Sheer dotted knee high stockings
 - Plastic green heels with straps
- Sheer black netted underwear
- Pullip Chloi's trading card
- Doll stand


- Beautiful emerald green glitter eyechips!
- Pretty faceup with subtle green eyes hadow in the crease, peach blush, and peachy pink lip gloss! Her lashes are painted brown, with added white lashes at the top of her eyes.
- Her lids are painted shimmery green with no eyeliner! Most dolls have a strip of eyeliner near their lash line, but Chloi doesn't have that.
- Gorgeous brown wig! It's soft, and has absolutely no wig netting showing through! Overall, very nice quality wig! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Extremely detailed stock and accessories!
- Bendable ears are fun to pose and can be used to convey different emotions when posing her for pictures!
- Great working eye mechs! Opens and shuts with no issue and eyes move from side to side with ease! (May vary from doll to doll.)
-Type 4 body!


- Headpiece is a hassle to put on her. It slides around easily making it not only an annoyance to position it on her head just right, but the process can mess up her hair a bit.
- Her choker is fastened in place by a ribbon and can become untied easily.
- Her stock has the potential to stain her body.
-  Her dress sometimes slides down and has to be pulled up back into place.
- She is very costly and hard to find. Part of this is because she is a limited edition doll from 2010 and has been long sold out.
- Some parts of her stock are pretty delicate and can tear if you handle them too roughly.


- Her hair doesn't have as much curl to it as her stock photo shows. In person, it looks more like the bottom half of her hair is styled in very loose waves. It still looks very nice though.
- Her shoes are very similar to Bonita's, only green. They are a little loose on her feet but generally seem  to stay in place, partly in thanks to the ankle strap.

The Verdict:

Chloi is stunning and gorgeous! Anyone would be lucky to have her! If not for the price, I would say she is a must-have doll. (Most listings I found have her priced from $350-$470 and above.) However, if you really are set on getting her, my advice to you is to keep looking and shopping around for her until you find a good deal. I found mine on ebay by chance and I bid on her, and to my surprise, no one else placed any bids and I ended up winning her for $200. You never know when you're going to get lucky and stumble across on an amazing bargain!

Pictures of Esmeralda, my Pullip Chloi:

Still in box

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