Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pullip Sailor Moon: Announcement Date and First Impression

The much anticipated Sailor Moon doll, which has already been released here in Japan, will have an official US announcement of her release is expected in just days! Some time around June 10th, a date will be given as to when she will be available for pre-order/purchase by JPGroove. Unfortunately, rumor has it that unlike with the Japanese release, Pullip Sailor moon will not be coming with a little plush version of her feline mentor and companion, Luna. it's a little bit disappointing in a way, as you can't have Sailor Moon without trusty Luna by her side to help give her confidence and guidance!

Personally, I'm on the fence about Pullip Sailor Moon. I've been a huge fan of the anime since the age of five, and I love the manga and am excited for the anime reboot. That part of me really really makes me want to like this doll, but much to my dismay, I find myself to be underwhelmed over this Pullip. No, it's not just because she doesn't come with a plush Luna, but I feel like that her design was poorly executed. I can't seem to get over her wig. The way it's styled seems sloppy, especially her buns. The bright yellow color of it doesn't look so nice to me, either. I think it would have looked better in a more natural blonde color. It just looks cheap and like it's bad quality, in my bluntly honest opinion. 

I also am not a fan of the material that they used for her skirt and the bow and brooch on the front of her sailor uniform, either, or of her boots. They look flimsy and like they wrinkle and crease easily. I do, however, really like her earrings. That's pretty uncommon for a Pullip to come with! She also has a very pretty and versatile faceup! Overall, I think that they could have really done better and I don't think I'm going to be adding her to my collection. We'll see though, maybe some owner photos will be able to change my mind. 


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