Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pullip Bonita: Review

Bonita certainly lives up to her name, because she is absolutely beautiful!  Everything about her is just gorgeous from head to toe! She was one of my grails, and having her in my collection is like a dream come true for me, since I thought I'd never be able to get her! Bonita is a limited edition doll that was released back in 2010 (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) and while she isn't listed in the sold out archives on PS, she has yet to show up for sale there and of course every other listing of her online has her outrageously priced! I was fortunate enough to find her on ebay for $210 (though without the style book) and even now I can't believe how lucky I was to get her! 

Pullip Bonita Comes With:

- Satin fascinator embellished with lace, netting, beading, and feathers. (Ties around her head with a satin ribbon.)
- multi-strand pearl necklace with lobster claw clasp
- Two purple satin gloves
- Purple and black satin and lace top 
- Purple and black satin and lace skirt
- Purple and black satin purse
- Black dotted tights
- Purple heels
- Mini book with a picture of Bonita on the cover (matches the actual style book)
- Pullip Bonita's trading card
- Doll stand


- Gorgeous glittery violet eye chips!
- Glamorous faceup! Purple and brown eye shadow are placed along her crease, outer corners, and lower lash lines, berry colored cheeks, and dusty rose lips!
- Lids are painted a shimmery purple with black liner!
- Her wig is a lovely deep brunette! In certain lighting, it can look almost black with a bit of a wine colored tint to it!
- No wig netting showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Wig is fairly manageable and easy to take care of.
- Her accessories are so cute!
- Stock outfit is beautiful and adorned with lots of lace, bows, and roses!
- Type 4 body!
- Shoes stay on fairly well. (I kept on the plastic around her legs since it's hidden fairly well by her stockings to prevent them from staining her legs, so it's possible that it's helping her shoes stay on better.)


- Satin material frays easily.
- Stock outfit can potentially stain her body. (Bonita comes wrapped in plastic to protect her body from staining.)
- The bow on her skirt is not sewn on well. Mine was coming undone and I had to stitch it back on. (May vary from doll to doll.)
-  Her purse opens and closes with velcro. This is a problem since her purse is made of satin, and the velcro can ruin the material if it snags onto it.
- Her necklace and hat can be a hassle to put on.
- Very costly doll. She's no longer being sold on the Groove website and is not currently listed on She runs from $300-$600 on other sites.


- Bonita's eyes don't close all the way, but it seems that that's just the way she's made, based off of what I've seen in other owner photos.
- Her stock outfit is not one piece, her top and skirt are separate. It's not a huge issue, but in a way, I wish they did make it one piece because her skirt sometimes slips down a bit.

The Verdict:

If you really want her and have the means to buy her or have found her for a reasonable price, I would definitely urge you to get her. She's limited edition, so I would advise you to jump at any good deal that you can find if you're really looking in to buying her! I assure you that you will not be sorry if you happen to purchase her! I cannot stress how beautiful Bonita is and she is easily among my favorites out of all the dolls I have so far! She's an absolute treasure that would be a great addition to any doll collection! While she would look very pretty in other outfits, I would recommend not redressing her if you plan on putting her back in her stock again, since she has some pieces that may require a lot of patience to put back on as well as some very delicate pieces. I know I personally don't want to redress her myself and put up with the tedious work of putting her original stock outfit back on her, but it's really up to you on what you would like to do if you choose to get her. 

Pictures of Helena, my Pullip Bonita:

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