Saturday, May 17, 2014

Garnet and Opal ( Pullip Misako and Pullip Midori) : Royal Sisters!

I'm so happy that I finally have pictures of both Garnet (Pullip Misako Aoki Favorite Ribbon) and Opal (Pullip Midori Fukasawa La Robe Vert Clair)! I had them in last week but I didn't have a camera so I just now had taken some pictures of them. I've decided to turn them both into princesses who live in a castle in Dream Land! Opal is the eldest of the two sisters and is very duty-bound and responsible. She carries herself with grace and elegance. She deeply loves her kingdom and will do anything to keep it safe from the Nightmares. Garnet is a bubbly girl who, unlike her sister, is very flighty and often thinks of marrying a handsome prince. She also likes to skip out on her lessons often to go out and play in the kingdom's garden square. Despite this, when Dream Land needs her, she is more than willing to step up and lend her aid.

Reviews for these two will be coming soon!

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