Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pullip Akemi: Review

Before I had even had a doll of my own and just had a general interest in Pullip dolls, Akemi was one of the dolls that really grabbed my attention and one of the ones I was considering for my first Pullip. It was hard not to be pulled in by her. She stuck out so much among the other dolls with her bright colors! She has such personality to her, too! She just looks as if she's bursting with energy and would be extremely hyperactive! How could I possibly pass up such a fun looking doll? Sheryl Designs really had knocked it out of the park with this girl!

Pullip Akemi Comes With:

- A sweater with functional zippers and a retro cassette tape design printed on the front
- A striped dress
- Cellphone and headphones
- Striped mismatched socks
- Striped legwarmers
- Pink striped beanie
- Pink scarf
-A pair of tennis shoes
- Striped underwear
- Pullip Akemi's trading card
- Doll stand


- Wig is a nice combination of blue and pink!
- The wig netting isn't visible on her. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Wig is very easily managed!
- She has two different colored eyechips, giving her a cool look!
-  Colorful faceup!
- Her eye lids are painted to match her pink and blue theme! Very original, since most Pullips have only one solid color on their lids!
- Comes with quite a few accessories!
- Her stock and accessories are for the most part, very well-made! (Will elaborate more on that further into this post.)
- Has a loop sewn onto her skirt to hang her cellphone on!
- Functional zippers allow you remove the sleeves of her sweater if you choose!
- Cellphone opens and shuts!
- The different pattern and color combinations on her outfit work very nicely together!
- Shoes stay on her feet well.
- Eye mechs work great! (May vary from doll to doll.)


- The wire connecting her headphones to her cellphone is weakly held in place and very fragile. The cord on mine suddenly broke off from the bottom part of the cellphone and couldn't be reattached.
- the under layer of her skirt is made of very delicate material that can possibly tear if you are not careful with it.
- The loop sewn on her skirt is fragile and the threads binding it can come undone. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Putting on her beanie can be a little challenging.


- Her wig is pretty thin at the bottom. Some people may consider this a con, but I don't see it as so. I'm pretty indifferent about it, especially since I like her wig overall.
- She is a little expensive, but definitely costs less than most other collaboration dolls. (Priced at $127.95 on

The Verdict:

I absolutely adore Akemi! She's so lively looking and spunky and fun! She has a unique look to her that makes her really stand out! If you're looking for a doll with lots of character and a funky style, Akemi just may be for you!

Pictures of Hanabi, My Pullip Akemi:

Please refer to this post for more pictures of Hanabi!

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