Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My New Doll Set-Up!

My collection continues to grow as my space for my dolls continues to dwindle! My husband and I just recently put up some shelves to help with what will most likely be a never ending battle of making room for them, especially since I have a few dolls on their way to me as of right now (Pullip Kirsche, Pullip Snow White, and Dal Huge Cinnamoroll for those who may be curious) and many more on my wishlist! I find it so hard to stop building up my collection even further. It's like once you start, you just can't get enough!  I felt it would be best to put all my Dals up on the shelves since they're a bit shorter than the Pullip dolls and were being hidden behind them. Heck, some of my Pullips block my other Pullip dolls from view! (Pullip Misako, I'm looking at you... blocking poor Hannah like that!) I may have to find more ways I can rearrange them so that way they can all shine on display without being overshadowed by another doll, but for now, this is an improvement!

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