Monday, May 26, 2014

Pullip Wilhelmina: Review

After a good while of putting off getting her and meaning to save up for her, my husband had took it among himself to buy Wilhelmina for me for my birthday! She made it to me just a few days ago, and to say the least, she is striking! Though she has a very gothic vibe to her, something about the way her faceup was done gives her a somewhat gentle and kind look, possibly because it wasn't done so dark and heavily. Either way, I love that they didn't make her look harsh or scary, despite her being a witch! She's so gorgeous in person and I'm so happy to finally be able to welcome her into my doll family!

Pullip Wilhelmina Comes With:

- Witch's hat with lace applique and faux snakeskin bow and dangling chain detailing
- Gothic long sleeved dress with a corset and train skirt
- Black fishnet tights
- Black and red plastic boots
- Witch's broom with bow decoration and faux (?) fur bristles
- Pullip Wilhelmina's trading card
- Doll stand


- Her wig coloring is much prettier than in pictures! The red is much more vibrant in person. Also, her wig is actually made up with three colors: brown, red, and white. (The white streaks the red parts of her hair very subtly.)
- Wig is very manageable!
- There is no wig netting showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Gorgeous eyechips! They're a nice deep green with yellow highlights!
- Unique faceup! She has lots of long lashes bordering her eyes and smokey gray eye shadow with a peach color painted along the inner corners of her eyes! Her lips are also a sheer and somewhat glossy grayish-brown color.
- Her stock outfit, as I had mentioned already, is very detailed! There's so much to it and it's beautifully created!
- Boots stay on her feet well and can easily be removed and slid back on due to the slits in the back of them.
- Type 4 body!


- As beautiful as her stock is, it seems to be really fragile and like it would tear or fall apart easily, especially the lace parts of her sleeves, and the lining of her hat and skirt.
-The chain detailing that hang from the brim of her hat and along her skirt can potentially break and are not sewn on very well.
- Her hat falls off easily and doesn't have anything to help hold it in place.
- Her stock can possibly cause staining on her body. (I haven't noticed any staining on my doll, but I've also kept the plastic around her body for the most part, aside from the plastic that was guarding her arms and hands.)


- Her sleeves are a bit too long and get caught on her hands. It's a bit annoying when trying to pose her, but can be worked around.
- She can't hold her broom in her hand. It would have been nice to maybe have one of her hands made to hold it, like they have for Pullip Sfoglia and Pullip Varele.

The Verdict:

I personally really love Wilhelmina overall! She stands out in her gothic attire and has a lot of gorgeous qualities about her! She's also very fun to photograph and would look amazing on display! The downside  is that she's not a very versatile doll and there are a wide variety of styles that may not flatter her. However, if you love gothic fashion or just plan on keeping her in her stock, then I highly recommend getting her!

Pictures of Michaela, my Pullip Wilhelmina:

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