Friday, May 23, 2014

Pullip Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta: Review

Earlier this month, a new Tokidoki doll had been released! Violetta is a double collaboration doll with Tokidoki and Hello Kitty, and as a fan of both brands, I jumped at this doll! Unfortunately, the version I had bought was not the special edition one, but there really doesn't seem to be a big difference between the dolls other than the fact that the special edition one comes with an Adios doll, a Hello Kitty cactus bag, and a parasol that matches the print on her dress, and that the extra accessories will set you back an extra $50  to $60. (The special addition totals up to an average of $200, versus the price of $144 or so for the non-special edition doll.) So, while the extra accessories are pretty cool, I just didn't think it was worth spending the extra money for them when I could get a more rare doll for around that price, so I went for the one that costed the least amount of money. Either way though, I'm so happy to have her!

Pullip Violetta (non-SE) Comes With:

- Hat with Hello Kitty and Adios star pinned onto it
- Leather jacket with Hello Kitty design on the back
- 2 hot pink arm warmers
- 2 Tattoo stickers
- Dress with a Tokidoki x Hello Kitty pattern
- Belt with a Hello Kitty bow-shaped buckle
- A pair of black shorts
-A pair of orange polka dot knee high socks
- A pair of black, glittery mary janes
- Pullip Violetta's trading card
- Doll stand


- Lovely violet wig in styled in a medium-length bob!
- Beautiful and bold faceup consisting of brown eye shadow, painted on lashes that give her eyes a sort of cat eye shape, pink blush, and hot pink lips!
-  Painted teeth give her a nice, pleasant expression!
- Her lids are painted a rich, deep brown color with a strip of black liner!
- The zipper on her jacket is functional!
- The belt on her jacket is easy to both fasten and unfasten
- Stock material is fairly sturdy and durable!
- No wig netting showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Type 4 body!


- There is nothing to help secure her hat to her head to prevent it from falling off. No clip, no comb, no tie, nothing.
- Buttons near the cuffs of her jacket are similar to the studs on the previous Tokidoki dolls and may easily fall off.
- She doesn't come with as much stuff as the previous Tokidoki releases, even though she is offered at the same price.
- You have to pay even more for the Special Edition if you DO want her other accessories, as I had wrote in the beginning paragraph of this post.
- It can be a struggle putting on and taking off her jacket.
- Her arm warmers can be a little hard to put on and can potentially get caught by her thumbs and rip.


- She doesn't come with as many tattoos as Pullip Luna and Pullip Lunarosa. It would have been nice to have included more to place on her.
- The glitter on her shoes is a bit patchy and unevenly applied.

The Verdict:

I really love this doll! I love her style, though some may feel that her outfit may have too much going on or that some parts of her outfits clash together. I personally think that she looks cool and unique, and honestly am quite a fan of the way she was designed! I really feel that fans of both Tokidoki and Hello Kitty will love her just as much as I do!

Pictures of Lulu. My Pullip Violetta:

To see more pictures of Lulu, click here!

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