Monday, May 12, 2014

Dal Milch: Review

It was another day of just browsing and looking through their updates window to see if they had any new dolls in stock, when I saw one that said Dal Milch has been added into their inventory. Curious to see what she looked like, I clicked the link that was provided and found the most heavenly looking doll I had ever laid my eyes upon, literally! She looked so radiant, shining in pure white from the very top of her head down to the tips of her toes. While her dress was simple, it was by no means plain. It had just enough ribbon, lace, and pearl accents to satisfy my frilly tastes. I also loved how it gave off a nice, clean appearance. Another thing that I really liked about her was that her faceup was a bit different to most Dals. The way it was done gave her a gentler and more friendly appearance versus Dal's usual petulant expression. I was immediately sold on her, and when I finally had her in my hands, I was not disappointed in the least!

Dal Milch Comes With:

- A feathered Halo
- A pair of angel wings
- A dress
- Two white satin ribbons that tie around her wrists
- A double stranded pearl choker
- White mesh tights
- A pair of white satin ballerina slippers
-Dal Milch's trading card
- White doll stand


- Her halo is attached to a hair clip to help keep it in place.
- Nice, soft faceup
- Her wings are held on by a button snap sewn onto the back of her dress.
- Her blue eyes really stand out against her white hair and stock and seem to be more vivid looking in person!
-  No netting peering through her wig. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Pearls and ribbons are very well attached to her stock. It's very unlikely for them to come loose or fall off. (May vary from doll to doll)
- Very affordable! She is one of the least expensive dolls you can buy! She currently is priced at $68.00 USD on!


- Like Dal Sakura, she suffers from a floppy body, though not nearly as badly as Sakura. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- It's possible for her stock to become dirty easily and easily stained, as it is all completely white. 
- If the ribbons on her shoes or her wrists come undone or if you remove them and want to put them back on, it's a bit frustrating to tie them up because they're so small.


- The feathers from her halo and her wings shed a bit, but it's not too bad to where it creates a mess. I would advise not touching them or messing around with them too much to avoid that, though.
- Her wig is really thick, by far the thickest of all my dolls. This can be both good and bad; good in the sense that it will stay very well in place, but bad because it may be difficult to style or brush it.
- Her wings can get in the way if you try to place her on her stand, but it can be done! You just need to somewhat tuck the metal part that goes around her waist under them a bit.

The Verdict:

I highly would recommend Dal Milch to anyone who has a soft spot for Dals! She is an ethereal beauty who would be great for display or for photographing! Also, because she's so inexpensive for a doll in the Pullip family, there is really no reason to pass her up!

Pictures of Aria, My Dal Milch:

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