Friday, May 9, 2014

Pullip Sfoglia: Review

Sfoglia's Stock Photo

To be extremely blunt (please don't kill me for this), I was never interested in Sfoglia from the very first moment I had laid eyes on her and thought I would never EVER buy her. Something about her stock photos just didn't wow me and I couldn't see why she was so beloved by many Pullip collectors. I wasn't sure if it was the bonnet I didn't like or if it was her faceup or if *gasp!* it was her overwhelmingly pink frilled and ruffled stock outfit (which is unusual for me to complain about, since I absolutely adore pink and frilly things). Well, somewhere down the road, that all changed when I had come across some owner photos of her. I couldn't put my finger on why, but somehow she just appealed to me so much more in the owner photos. In that instant, I rushed over to the trusted Pullip Style website and purchased her on the spot!

Upon seeing her in person when she had finally arrived to me, I instantly loved her! She was just so much prettier in person than I could have ever imagined. She has easily become one of my most favorite dolls that I have so far! I couldn't believe that I had ignored and overlooked her. I regret that very much, now.

Things Sfoglia Comes With:

- Bonnet
-Hand bag
- Lace gloves
-Pink knee high socks
- Pink strapped shoes
- Pullip Sfoglia trading card
- Pink doll stand


- Very sweet faceup! Her painted teeth give her a kind and cheerful look!
- Very lovely pink eye chips with white hearts painted on them
-Pink painted eyelids
- Ringlets are nowhere near as frizzy as I had expected them to be and wig is very neatly styled
(may vary from doll to doll)
- Wig netting isn't visible (may vary from doll to doll)
- She's a great price for a collaboration doll (she's an Angelic Pretty collab. Sfoglia is priced at $107 on currently, which is actually very reasonable compared to most other collaboration dolls)
- She has a unique hand that allows her to hold her purse
- Perfect working eye mechs (may vary from doll to doll)
- No issues with body (may vary from doll to doll)
-Shoes don't fall off of her feet
- Decent stock quality; it doesn't seem like it would tear too easily and all the details on it seem to be pretty well sewn on. (May vary from doll to doll)
- Type 4 body

- Bonnet has a tendency to fall off her head if you move her head ( a pretty minor problem)
- Her purse doesn't seem like it's very durable. The material is flimsy, and the rhinestones on it could easily fall off and may have to be glued back on.
- Her wig, while very nicely styled, looks and feels a little bit dry, mainly on her bangs and the strands that frame her face. A little bit of anti-frizz serum was needed to fix that (may vary from doll to doll)


- The front and back of her skirt are sewn together around her legs, which could make it difficult to remove her dress or put it back on. It's not something I personally mind, as I plan on keeping her in her stock.

-Stock outfit had loose threads hanging from it, which is just a pet peeve of mine, whether it be on my own clothes or my doll's. It's a problem easily fixed with just a snip of some scissors, luckily. (May vary from doll to doll)

- Her stock outfit isn't as bright of a shade of pink as in her stock photos, but it's close and still quite pretty.

- Her ringlets could potentially become an absolute mess if you happen to play with her a lot or bring her outside often. (I don't have this issue with mine, as I don't play with her in a rough manner or bring her outside, but it's something to consider if you're one who enjoys playing with your dolls instead of keeping them on display)

The Verdict:

Overall, I'm very very pleased with Sfoglia! She's a very lovely doll and any issues with her are, as I've stated, very minor and easily fixable. I would recommend her to those looking for their first Pullip doll  and to those who are fans of Angelic Pretty or just pretty things in general! To those looking for a doll to re-wig or redress,  Sfoglia would be a great choice as she would look great in a variety of different wigs and outfits!

Pictures of My Sfoglia, Primrose (click to enlarge):

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