Thursday, May 22, 2014

Isul Beary Fairy Gosomi!

 Note: These images are NOT mine! I'm only using these since they are the only available photos of Isul Gosomi so far.  

It seems that a new Beary Fairy doll is set to be released this July! His name is Isul Beary Fairy Gosomi, and I'm already head over heels in love with him! The Beary Fairy series started back in 2011-2012, so he's the first new Beary Fairy doll release in a while!

 From what I can tell, he is very beautifully designed! He's got an adorable plush bear costume with light brown fur and pastel purple and blue patches of fur on his arms and legs! Over his bear suit is a baby blue shirt decorated with polka dots and sweets with a small picture of him printed on the front! It seems that he also comes with a cute pastel bag adorned with bows and a cupcake decal to match his sweet theme!  He also has the prettiest violet eyes and lovely blonde hair that really compliment his whole look! I'm beary (excuse the pun) excited about this doll, as I have Dal Dalcomi (released in 2012) and had missed out on Pullip Kiyomi, so I really hope to add Gosomi to my doll family! He is currently available for pre-order at and is priced at $109.95. If you are interested in buying him, follow the link here!

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