Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dal Sakura: Review


I can't help but be drawn to springy curls and flowing waves, so it's no surprise that, along with being covered from head-to-toe in hime-gyaru fashion, is what caught my attention when I saw Sakura. Being a sucker for anything with ribbons, frills, and lace tacked onto it, it was nearly impossible for me not to get my hands on her as soon as I possibly could! When I finally did, I couldn't have been more happy! Everything about her exuded the air of a spoiled princess, from her prim and perfectly coordinated clothing and accessories to her pouty expression that Dal is so very famous for! I was loving her more and more by the second!

What Sakura Comes With:

- A headband decorated with a bow and two flowers made from satin ribbon attached to the knot of it
- A white laced bolero with a ribbon placed on the front of the collar and two strands of beads and roses on the shoulders
- One-piece dress with a rose print pattern on the bodice and a multi-layered gauze and satin skirt
- A tulle petticoat
- Two sheer pink gloves, one with a pearl beaded bracelet sewn onto it
- A purse
- White fishnet stockings
-Pink platform heels with white bows above the toes and pearls and rhinestones glued to the sides
- Sakura's trading card
- Pink glittery doll stand

- No netting showing through on wig, her bouffant prevents it from doing so
-Ringlets are springy and not especially frizzy. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Face up is very pretty! Her eye shadow and eyeliner are all black to draw attention to her lovely gray eyes, and her lips are painted a frosted light pink! It's very true to the way hime-gyaru girls do their makeup.
- Her headband fits nicely on her head! It stays very well in place!
- Her purse has a nice floral design printed onto it and is soft and pillowy! It also has a beaded handle and a cute pink butterfly bead sewn on it for decoration.
- Her dress is very light and poofy, very feminine!
-No loose threads hanging from her stock. (May vary from doll to doll)
- Bow detailing are very well sewn on and aren't likely to fall off! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her shoes do not fall off of her feet!


- The beads and rhinestones on her shoes fall off very easily. Straight out of the box before I even touched her shoes, they were coming off and I had to glue them back into place.
- She has a very floppy body that makes her difficult to pose and more prone to falling over even when placed on her stand. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- The top layer of her skirt is made of very thin, light material that could be easily torn if you are not careful.
- Her gloves, mainly the one with the bracelet on it, are really difficult to put on, and are also made of fragile material.
- Her curls must be treated delicately with care, otherwise they could possibly become undone or messy, like most dolls with curly hair.


- There are some fly-aways and loose hairs on her bouffant, but were able to be smoothed down back into place with some anti-frizz serum.
- Her wig is elaborately styled and is gorgeous, but it doesn't allow you to style it in a different way due to the top part being so stiff and all of her curls.
- The shades of pink on her dress are darker than shown on the stock photos.

The Verdict:

I don't think that Sakura is for everyone. While I love her, I can see how she wouldn't suit everyone's tastes, as her appearance can make her seem like she belongs in one of those glitzy child beauty pageants and that can be pretty off-putting to some. However, if you are a fan of the hime-gyaru style or Japanese fashion in general like I am, I feel she'd be an excellent doll to get! She has so much attitude and is very fashionable, which would make her perfect to put out on display!

Pictures of Himeko, My Dal Sakura:

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