Thursday, July 3, 2014

Byul Rhiannon: Review

I'm not the biggest fan of Byul and there are very few that I find to be cute. Most pictures of her that I have seen don't seem to quite paint her in the most flattering of ways, but I have heard people say that she just doesn't have a face that photographs well, so when my husband had won Byul Rhiannon (who, by the way, is a limited edition of 2,000) in an auction, I was a bit curious as to what she would look like in person. When she had finally arrived, I still didn't know quite what to make of her. It wasn't until my husband had unbound her from her packaging that I began to see her charm! She really does have a sort of endearing and babyish look to her!

Byul Rhiannon Comes With:

- Lace hat with feather and ball chain embellishments
- Steampunk mask that straps around her ears and ties at the back of her head
- Dog tags
- Fake black leather top with two golden belts and sleeves lined with organza
-  Striped arm warmers
- Sheer, ruffled pants made from organza (?)
- A golden bag with studs and functioning zipper
- Umbrella
-  Gold painted platform shoes
- Byul Rhiannon's trading card
- Doll stand
- Limited Edition Certificate


- Cute, subtle orange faceup and uniquely painted lashes!
- Very affordable price!
- She has beautiful bright orange eye chips that really stand out!
- She comes with a lot of accessories that you can use to change up her look a bit!
- Her parasol is functional and can open and close easily! The rod is also sturdy and made of metal!
- Shoes have a strap across the ankle that help keep her shoes on her feet and prevent them from falling off!
- Eye mechs work well! No stiffness when moving them from left to right! (May vary from doll to doll.)


- There are lots of loose threads that are hanging off of her stock outfit and it kind of gives it a sloppy appearance, in my opinion. This also may make the material prone to unraveling, so it would be best to be careful with that.
- Her dog tags are a pain to put on, being so tiny. You may land up spending a lot of time trying to pick up and string her tags back onto the chain before you manage to actually put it on her.
- Her body is very loose and floppy. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her wig is frizzy and gets frizzy easily and constantly needs fixing every time you try to pose her.


- While the zipper is functional on her bag, it's filled with stuffing and cannot be used to store things in unless you choose to remove it, but then it would loose it's plush appearance.
- It's a hassle trying to pose her with her parasol open.

The Verdict:

If you're a fan of Byul and steampunk fashion, I think she'd be worth getting. Despite her being limited edition, she's priced cheaply and you can find her on amazon for under $100, which is a pretty amazing deal considering all that she comes with too! However, her overall stock outfit can seem like a bit too much for some and can be overwhelming and even a bit frustrating to deal with, so keep that in mind before purchasing her.

Pictures of Tourmaline, my husband's Byul Rhiannon:

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