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Pullip Nahh Ato: Review

Nahh Ato's really special to me because she was an anniversary gift from my husband. I've always thought she was a very pretty doll and had my eye on her before he had bought her for me, so I was beyond elated to finally be able to include her into my collection! Currently, she's the oldest doll I own, having been released back in 2006. She is also my first Jun Planning doll! (Jun Planning is the company that had previously held the rights to Pullip dolls before Groove.) Despite being such an old doll and being sold out, she still can be easily purchased from ebay or amazon for a very reasonable price!

Pullip Nahh Ato Comes With:

- Chain headpiece
- Head scarf made from see-through material with a star and musical note motif
- Choker
- A pair of gloves
- Bralette
- Matching harem pants made with the same material as the scarf
- Magic lamp made of plastic
-  Plush lounge cushion
- Pullip Nahh Ato's trading card
- Metal doll stand


- Beautiful raven black wig! It's styled in a cute ponytail with braids. The wig netting doesn't show through, either! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her eye chips are blue and green, which contrasts nicely with her skin.
- She has a very unique skin tone! There are only a handful of official release Pullip dolls with a dark complexion. She really adds some diversity!
-  She has a gorgeous faceup consisting mostly of nude colors on her lips and cheeks and a bright pop of turquoise eye shadow in her crease. She also has thick brown straight eyebrows that thin out towards the ends.
- She has lovely dangling earrings! It's not very common for Pullip dolls to come with pierced ears, so this is a very unique detail! They seem to be durable and not likely to break so long as you don't pull at them.
- Her stock outfit is very pretty with nice detailing! Her top is fitted very well and doesn't slide around like I had expected it to. Her pants are a little loose, but stay on well for the most part.
- The lounge cushion is cute and very soft! I really like that she came with her own piece of furniture, too! That's really different and not so common with newer Pullip releases! Her lamp is also really adorable too and a unique prop!
- There are absolutely no issues with her body, which came as a huge surprise for me, as she has a Type 3 body. There are no broken wrists or cracking anywhere on her! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Easy to find and reasonably priced for an older doll! You can find listings of her priced from $155-$180. 


- Her headpiece is very fragile, so be warned. It fell apart on me twice, but luckily I had some gold jump rings and was able to replace the ones that it came with and repaired it. I would also be careful with her chain belt, just to be safe. 
- Her headpiece can also get caught in her hair if you aren't careful.
- Her hair is pretty frizzy  and the strands that frame her face are messy.
- Type 3 body. While I don't have any issues with my own  Nahh Ato's body, it's still likely that other Nahh Ato dolls will face the common issues that occur with this body type.
- It's really hard to place her on her stand. The part that is supposed to grip around her waist is too big for her and unlike the stands that most Pullip dolls come with now, she comes with a metal stand with a sleek and somewhat slippery surface. This paired along with her lack of shoes causes her to slip a lot and it takes awhile to get her to get her positioned on it just right.


-  Like most older Pullip dolls, she has a shiny face. This may bother some people, but I don't think it particularly detracts from her beauty.
- She doesn't come with any shoes. I really wish she came with some flats or some crackowes. I think that would have been nice, but it's not that big of an issue.
- Her stock material is somewhat thin, but shouldn't really rip or tear too easily.
-She can't close her eyes. The older Type 3 dolls can only wink, but can't keep her eyes closed. The only problem with this is that if you want to take a picture of her with her eyes shut, you can't.

The Verdict:

I love Nahh Ato very much! She's so gorgeous and I'm personally so glad to have her! There isn't another Pullip doll quite like her so I believe she's completely worth getting! If you are looking into getting her, I advise you to get her as soon as you can before the cheaper listings of her become unavailable, otherwise you may have to wait awhile to find another good deal on her. 

Pictures of Lotus, My Pullip Nahh Ato:

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