Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pullip Karen: Review

Pullip Karen is a vision of loveliness with her rich, chocolate brown curls, luxurious wine colored stock outfit, and her remarkably done faceup! Her entire look has a somewhat mature and elegant air to it, but it also is fun and interesting, and her expression makes her seem so sweet and innocent! All of these traits have been blended together beautifully and in such a way to where nothing about her seems odd or out of place! It's apparent that there was a lot of hard work and detail put into her design! She is truly an artistic masterpiece! 
Pullip Karen is a collaboration doll between Mitsukazu Mihara x Juliette et Justine and Groove. Her design was based off of the cover illustration of Vol. 45 of the Gothic & Lolita Bible from back in August 2012! The doll is very well done! She resembles the cover art perfectly!

Pullip Karen Comes With:

- Red and gold bow headband
- Satin top hat
- Two clip on hair extensions (similar to Pullip Varele and Pullip Canele's)
- Long sleeved white blouse with ruffles, lace, and a bow placed at the neck
- Satin burgundy dress with tassels, a strand of pearls placed across the chest, and bow detailing on the skirt, as well as a printed underskirt and black petticoat with lace underneath it for added volume.
-. Detachable ruched sash (I do not really know how else to describe it, but it is placed right around her waist and is held in place with velcro It could possibly be part of her skirt that they just decided not to sew onto the dress itself.)
- White stockings
- Burgundy heels with ribbon and organza flowers on the back of them.
- Pullip Karen's trading card
- Doll stand


- The wig is a nice shade of brown and her curls are really pretty! 
- The wig cap does not show through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her eye chips are a pretty bluish-grey! 
- As I've said already, her faceup is exquisite My personal favorite thing about it is the way her eye makeup and eyelashes were done It's so dramatic looking, and she has so many lashes that are done so perfectly and are placed so close together! I'm really impressed with how that was done! Her lids are painted beige, and the rest of her faceup is simple, consisting of light pink blush and glossy pink lips with painted teeth to balance everything out! Her brown eyebrows match her wig and are slightly lifted upward to emphasize her happy and friendly appearance!
-She comes with a lot of head accessories that are fun to mix and match and change out They're all very cute and very easy to put on her There was no struggle tying on her hat at all!
-The bows on her skirt and the strand of pearls are pinned on, allowing them to be removed completely or placed elsewhere on her outfit if you choose Her sash is also detachable, making it easy to modify her look a bit!
- The underskirt has a beautiful and eye-catching print that adds visual interest to her outfit!
- Her shoes are adorable I love the little ribbons placed on the back of her heels I thought it was a nice touch. 
- Type 4 body!


- Her wig is really frizzy, though that's kind of to be expected with curly wigs Also, while most of her curls are soft, there were a couple of odd, coarse patches that I had to snip off Her extensions have the same issue with frizz. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Her dress stains I was a little sad to find that it had left such noticeable red stains on the blouse she wears underneath it, so now it can not really be used separately on its own with other outfits. 
- Her headband (the one with the large bow) is pretty heavy and falls off of her head easily, even though the band is adjustable and it has a comb to help keep it in place, it does not help.
- The tassels can come undone easily if you touch them too much.
- Her shoes can fall off her feet easily.
-Her outfit is a bit hard to remove and put back on They do not come off very easily and you have to be very careful and patient Also, it is so annoying putting her outfit back together, especially trying to pull her dress over her blouse sleeves. My Pullip Karen's arm accidentally popped out of her socket and I only partially removed her clothes so I could put it back, and it was a nightmare to deal with. 


- Her price may be a little much for some on Pullip Style (she costs $ 127.95), but it needs to be taken into consideration that she is a collaboration doll, and that they always run for a bit more than non-collaboration dolls. Also ,she could be found for a slightly lower cost on amazon, so that would be a good place to look if you want a better deal on her. I got her for $ 99.93 on there with free shipping!

The Verdict:

Pullip Karen has a lot of character and is very unique! I personally think she's very pretty and I adore her! If you're a fan of Juliet et Justine and lolita fashion, this doll would be worth getting! Some may find her outfit overwhelming or even weird looking and unappealing, but that could be fixed with a simple change of clothing! She'd look really pretty in different outfits too, so do not be put off by her stock! It would be a shame to pass up such a beautiful doll just because of that.

Pictures of Amelie, my Pullip Karen:

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