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Pullip Regeneration Paja: Review

I recently had won an auction on Pullip Regeneration Paja on ebay! As most of you probably already know, Pullip Regeneration Paja is part of the Regeneration series that was released in 2012. The Regeneration series was basically a series that made up of re-released, updated versions of older, beloved Pullip dolls. Pullip Regeneration Paja is the new and remade version of Pullip Paja, who was released back in 2005! Unfortunately, I do not have the original Paja, so I cannot properly compare the two. (For those of you who want to see the differences between the original Paja and Regeneration Paja, I recommend that you visit  this page!) However, I will say that I am quite happy with her and think she's really adorable! Having Seen her pictures, I had always thought she was really cute, but I had no idea just how much so! 

Pullip Regeneration Paja Comes With:

- Felt dinosaur suit with snap-on buttons in the front and netted lining on the inside of her hood
- Yellow and orange polka dot onesie
- Yellow polka dotted socks with lace
- A pair of plush claw slippers
- Cardboard popup book
- A mug of coffee with Paja's name printed on it
- Plush crescent moon pillow with a small dinosaur sewn onto it
- Pullip Regeneration Paja's trading card
-  Doll stand


- No wig cap showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- She comes with quite a lot of little accessories! They're fun to use as props!
- Bright and colorful faceup that really stands out! She has thick rounded eyebrows that make her look cheerful and lively! Her lashes are a pretty salmon color that contrasts nicely with the yellow-green eye shadow in her crease! She has orange blush on her cheeks and bright orange glossy lips!
- Her eyechips match her eye makeup very well. They are green and yellow and have cute stars painted on them!
-  Her suit is very soft and too adorable for words! It really does remind me of a kigurumi , with the way that it's made and how loose and baggy it is! (Kigurumi are over-sized onesies with hoods made to look like various different animals and anime mascots. They're generally worn indoors and as pajamas. ) It's very soft to the touch and the snaps make it really easy to take off her suit and put it back on! It's also fairly durable. I have no big complaints about any of the pieces of her stock outfit in general.
-  I like that you have the option to have her wear her dinosaur suit or just her pajamas on their own!
- It is really easy to pose her even when she is wearing her suit! Most of the time, Pullip dolls with suits or costumes are plush, limiting the doll's movement, but you don't have to deal with that problem with Paja.
- You can place her on her stand while she's wearing her suit! The metal clasp that goes around her waist scrunches up her suit a bit, but it doesn't cause permanent wrinkles or  damages to it in any way.
- Her dinosaur suit does not cause any staining and is completely safe for her to wear!
- Her slippers surprisingly stay on her feet quite well! I have mine wearing both her socks and her slippers at the same time, so I'm not sure whether or not they help with keeping them on, but so far I've had no issues with them falling off.
- Type 4 body!
-She is very affordable! ( I won her for $80 on ebay, and she's sold on for $92.)


- Her wig is unfortunately not the best quality. It is prone to becoming frizzy and it kind of has an odd texture and the ends of her hair seem to stick together, making it hard to brush. Her bangs are also cut a bit strangely and go past to where her temples would be. It's a bit hard to explain, but it does look kind of odd. They also have a tendency to stick up a little and I had to use some of my trusty anti-frizz serum to have them stay down.
- The eyes on her suit aren't glued on completely. I have no idea why they couldn't use more glue so that the eyes could stay more firmly in place. They can more than likely fall off over time.
- Her popup book is made of cardboard and can get bent or torn easily.


- Her eye lids are completely bare. There's no color and they don't have the usual strip of black liner painted on them that most Pullip dolls have. It's nothing that I really mind, as I feel that her faceup makes up for it.
- Her hair is really long and can get in the way, but it's easy enough to tie her hair back into a ponytail and tuck it away into her suit to help keep it in place.
- There were some loose threads hanging off of her polka dot pajamas and her socks, but it was taken care of easily with a pair of scissors.

The Verdict:

I'm a fan and I highly recommend getting this version of Paja! She's extremely cute and  much more affordable and than the original and she also has a Type 4 body, which is the best Pullip body type to date so far. (The original Paja has a Type 3 body, which is commonly known for cracking and breaking at the wrists.)  She really is a great buy, especially considering how much she comes with! She definitely would be a great choice for those who are new to Pullip collecting and are looking to get their first doll! I also think that she'd be a great alternative choice for those who aren't willing to spend so much on the original Paja but have had their eye on her.

Pictures of Mikan, my Pullip Regeneration Paja:

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