Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project MIO & Update!

I haven't updated this blog in a little while, so I thought I'd post about  my newest Project, Project MIO! I've bought my very first Pullip Make It Own Face & Body Kit, and it'll be the first time I will be doing a faceup of any sort! So far, I haven't actually started working on the faceup itself. I'm still in the process of gathering materials, but here are the things I've got so far for her!

Face and Body Kit - I got mine in Fair and bought it off of! You can also buy these kits at!
The kit comes with a face, head, body, an eye mechanism, eye lids, eye lashes, a pair of clear eye chips, and a total of six screws.

I got these eyechips from kirakirameanssparkle's etsy shop! Her eyechips are beautiful and so detailed! I'm so happy with them!

This wig is one I found off of ebay! Surprisingly, there's a lot of very cute wigs for sale there in the size 8-9!
And here are some very cute shoes and accessories I've found just from browsing through ebay, etsy, and other various sites! I'm going for a pastel goth look for my doll, so these were perfect! You'd be surprised at the things you can find if you just look around.  Shoes are from mimiwoo's ebay shop, necklace is from blacktulipshop,  and the bow is from Minty Minty's  Store Envy Shop!

Other materials I have and plan to use are Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, Mungyo Pastels, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, makeup brushes, and elmer's glue! There's still a few more things I'll need, but I'm almost there!

Also, reviews for Pullip Classical Alice, Pullip Super Stella, and Dal Vendettina will be on their way soon!

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