Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pullip Classical Alice: Review

I've always been a huge fan of anything and everything Alice in Wonderland related, so it was no wonder that I was so drawn to Classical Alice! To be totally and completely honest, I really love all of the Alice Pullip releases to date, but Classical Alice bears the closest resemblance to the Alice that most of us are familiar with. (Though, if we include Dals, the Dal version is hands down the most Alice-y of all the Alices, but the Pullip version is beautiful all the same.) Because of that, I feel the name she was given is really spot on and fits her perfectly!

Pullip Classical Alice Comes With:

-  Headband with blue and white bow with cameo charm
- Blue dress with lace trimming on the sleeves and the hemline. Has a high neckline and a ruffled collar.
- White apron  with lace and brown bow detailing
- Black and white striped stockings
- A pair of black Mary Jane flats
- Pullip Classical Alice's trading card
-Doll stand


-  Her blonde curls are tight and springy and much neater than expected! Not very much frizz at all! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- No wig netting showing through! ( May vary from doll to doll.)
-  Very elegant looking faceup! Her eyebrows have sort of a peculiar shape, being quite thick at the start of the brow and thinning out dramatically at the ends. They're also really straight for the most part with  just the slightest arch to them. She also has some smoky eye makeup, and it looks as if she has a combination of blue, brown, and possibly some pink eye shadow, and the creases on her eyelids are streaked with white and grayish blue paint. Her eyes are bordered with lots of long, wispy lashes! Her cheeks have a hint of coral blush on them and her lips are very natural looking shade of pink and if you look closely, you can see that there is a heart shape painted in a darker pink color in the center of her lips! It's similar to the way Dal Heiwa's lips are painted, but much more subtle.
 -  Her eyechips are really nice! They have a very thick black limbal ring painted around her iris, which consists of a pretty blue color streaked with black lines, and two white dots painted near the bottom of the pupils and a white line tracing the area where the lower part of the pupil and the iris meet!
- Her stock outfit is very simple, but by no means boring. Her outfit is very similar to the dress that Alice wears in movie portrayals and illustrations, just with a touch more frills and lace and some embellishments added here and there. Overall, it is still recognizable as Alice's dress and I really like that about it! I also love how she was given striped stockings as opposed to plain white or plain black ones!
- Type 4 Body!


- Her shoes are extremely large for her feet. Most Pullip dolls tend to be given shoes that are too big for them, but her's seem to be the most ill fitting shoes I've come across so far. I ended up sticking some wadded up tissue paper at the toes just so they would help fit better.
- It would be a good idea to be as careful with her curls as possible and not to play with her hair too much. The curls can possibly become undone and  it most likely won't be very easy to fix it back to the way  it was.


- She doesn't come with much aside from the things that you see on her.
-  Her outfit is fairly well made and nothing on it should become ruined, but I would be careful with the lace used at the hem of her dress. It's possible that it can unravel if any thread is hanging from it.
- She's quite reasonably priced for a Pullip doll. I highly recommend buying her from either or, as she is way overpriced on ebay and amazon. PullipStyle seems to have her at the best price of $112.95, but it's possible you can get her for less if they have her listed under a Dent Box Sale.

The Verdict:

I am very happy with this doll! She's a very beautiful doll and it's easy to see why she's such a popular choice among Pullip collectors! Whether you're a fan of Alice in Wonderland or not, Classical Alice is a winning choice and would be a wonderful addition to any collection, as well as make a good first doll for new collectors! She also would look lovely in different wigs, eyechips, and clothes, if you're looking for  a doll to make slight customizations to!

Pictures of Mary Weather, my Pullip Classical Alice:

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