Friday, November 7, 2014

SDCC Pullip Tokidoki Super Stella: Review

Today's review is on Pullip Super Stella! This bright and colorful super hero was one of two exclusive releases for San Diego Comic Con 2014, and is also part of the Tokidoki series! On top of that, she's a limited edition doll! (It is unknown how many of her were made.) As soon as I had set my eyes on her, I was just so excited and knew she was a doll I had to have! The bright neon colors on her stock outfit and wig just drew me to her instantly! She just looked like she'd be such a fun addition to have in my collection, so I didn't want to pass her up!

Pullip Tokidoki Super Stella Comes With:

- Star-shaped hair clip with lightning bolt and a Tokidoki character printed on it
- Satin hot pink posable cape with Tokidoki characters printed on the inside
- Sleeveless faux leather top with sequined Tokidoki logo
- Faux leather gloves with blue plastic lightning bolt detailing
- Gold belt with felt diamond "buckle" held together by velcro
- Blue skirt with white and yellow felt stars and a stiff, sequined under layer
- Opaque neon tights
-  Faux leather thigh high boots with blue lightning bolts printed on the front
- Yellow plastic staff with a felt diamond placed at the top of it
- Doll stand


- The box she comes in is very sleek. (Like most of the boxes for SDCC Pullip releases are.) It's also covered in some very cute artwork of various Tokidoki characters!
- She's able to hold her staff! She has a hand that can grasp, similar to Sfoglia's and Varele's!
- Her wig is such a nice shade of blue with white streaks and darker blue accents in it! It's quite soft, too and is very manageable! (May vary from doll to doll.)
-  Beautiful silver glitter eyechips! Looking closely, you can also see flecks of blue and red glitter mixed in with the silver! They really are one of her most striking features!
- Her slightly tanned complexion is a nice change from the usual fair complected dolls!
- Simple yet pretty faceup! She has thick blue eyebrows that match her hair and give her a determined expression, brown and white eye shadow in her crease and the inner corners of her eyes, cleanly painted black lashes, pink blush, and opaque pink punch lips painted to make it like like she's smiling slightly! Her lids are painted a sienna brown with black liner.
- The wire at the hem of her cape allows you to bend and pose it in lots of fun ways!


- There are some parts where her wig netting shows through. (May vary from doll to doll.)
- I'm not a fan of the material used on her top, gloves, and boots. It looks a bit cheap and can crease and wrinkle.
- Her boots in general don't look very sturdy and like the soles can come apart.
- She's unable to hold her staff while she's wearing her gloves.
-  The logo on her shirt as well as the diamond buckle on her belt can potentially get torn off. They aren't held in place very securely.
-The wire in her cape can poke out at the ends.


-  While her faceup is still nice, I still think it would have been nice to add more color or have more interesting elements to it. I would have liked it if they maybe painted her lids a fun color like bright pink with maybe blue or yellow liner, or maybe wing out her eye shadow into the shape of lightning bolts to go along with her theme. They could have done so much more with her!

- Her cape hooks on to little loops of thread on her top. For the most part, it works well enough, but they can become unlatched easily when posing her.

- She's pricier than most dolls, being priced at $150 on This is probably due to the fact that she is limited edition, a San Diego Comic Con release, and a collaboration doll. If you have your eye on her, I suggest checking ebay and maybe seeing if there are any bids or buy it now listings that have her at a lower price. You might get lucky!

The Verdict:

Overall, I have to say I love Super Stella! I know she may not be everyone's cup of tea, what with her bright colors and the style of her costume being reminiscent of something Barbie might wear, but I think she's just so much fun to pose and play with that I'm not too bothered by it. I think she would also be very fun to redress in some other bright and funky fashions as well!

Pictures of my Pullip Super Stella:

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