Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pullip Regeneration Paja: Makeover

I've always thought that Regeneration Paja was as cute as a button as is, but unfortunately, her wig left me a bit disappointed with it's poor quality. Because of that, I had planned to buy my Mikan a new one as soon as I had taken her out of her box and saw how bad it was, but I kept procrastinating and getting distracted with buying more dolls to add to my collection instead, but then I got Evangeline (my Raphia) and dove right into customizing her, and after I had finished her, I was inspired to finally start working on Mikan! I purchased an orange wig for her, and I also ended up buying her some beautiful green eyechips with some yellow and brown mixed in from KiraKiraMeansSparkle! (The exact ones I had bought were in the color Frog.) Then, I thought that since I was going to end up taking her apart to change out her eyechips, why not paint her eyelids? I always thought it would be nice if her eyelids were a fun color instead of just plain, and that it would add a nice personal touch!

I wanted her eyelids to match her faceup and her overall color scheme, so I decided to paint them yellow, and then I brushed on green pastel at the bottom of each lid to create a gradient effect! 

Brushed on some gloss varnish to finish off her eyelids after I had finished painting them!

After doing all of that, and after having given her new lashes, it was time to put her all back together again! I was amazed with what a difference the new wig and eyes had made in her appearance!


And after:

She's wearing Isul Nekoneko Maomao's glasses!

While the biggest part of her transformation was finished, I still really wanted to get her a whole new outfit. I really do love her pajamas and her dinosaur kigurumi, but I also felt limited when it came down to taking pictures of her with it on, so I began to shop for clothes for her right away!

I was thrilled to have found her such cute pieces that had the same color scheme as her stock outfit and went well with her faceup! My favorite piece definitely has to be her overalls, which I bought from anniedollz on etsy! It suits her perfectly and is just so cute and well-made! In case anyone was wondering about the rest of her outfit, too, I got her hair clips from MilkChocolateDream, the shirt and the legwarmers from Cool Cat, and her green converse shoes from Mimiwoo

I think she turned out really darling, and she looks so vibrant and full of life! Even though I had not made very many changes to her, she definitely has much more personality than she did before, and I couldn't be more happy with how she turned out! I'd say that this makeover turned out very well!

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