Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dal Vendettina: Review

Like Super Stella, Dal Vendettina is a SDCC 2014 exclusive and part of the Tokidoki doll series, being the first Dal to be included within the series! Crazily enough, I fully intended to pass this little villain up, but I still kept looking at pictures of her, and the more I looked at her the more I started to adore her! Her stock photos don't do her justice at all, and seeing her in person made me even more happy!

Dal Vendettina Comes With:

- Candy-shaped hair clip with a scull printed on the center
- Sequinned mask
- Cape with skull and bone clasps and Tokidoki character designs printed on the inside and a skull and cross bones printed on the back
- Black faux leather one piece dress and clear plastic underlay
- Heart and cross bone faux leather belt held together by velcro
- Fishnet arm warmers
- Black and purple skull and cross bone cropped leggings
- Black faux leather boots with bones printed on them
-  Black staff with skull and bat wings
- Black doll stand


- Her wig is in a cute shoulder length style and is a beautiful deep purple color with fuschia and yellow streaks!
- No wig cap showing through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Striking bright blue eyechips that really stand out!
- Amazing faceup! Vendettina has sharp purple eyebrows, giving her an angry expression suited for a villain. She also has amazing blue eye shadow as well as blue bottom lashes, which is very different as most doll releases don't have colored lashes like that! The inner rims of her eyes are painted black, and she has glossy purple lips that are just gorgeous!
- Her stock outfit has some really fun details and prints that scream Tokidoki!
- Type 4 Body!
- Boots stay on her feet very well!


- The material that her one piece and boots are made of are not my favorite. The vinyl material is kind of cheap looking and it tends to wrinkle and crease, and it's not very sturdy.
- Her belt is very flimsy and the emblem on it can fall off of it very easily.
-  Unlike Pullip Super Stella, Vendettina is unable to hold the staff that she comes with.
- Her body is pretty floppy and she has some loose joints. (May vary from doll to doll.)


- Vendettina's cape is not posable like Super Stella's is. It would have been neat to have that feature so that you could see the design on the inside of her cape a bit better.
- She's a little on the expensive side on Pullip Style. (She's priced at $120 USD) She is a limited edition doll though, and part of a collaboration at that, so it's somewhat justified. I suggest looking around though to see if you can find an even better deal just in case. On ebay, you can actually find a listing priced at $99 USD right now! Here's the link for anyone who is looking to buy her!

The Verdict:

Dal Vendettina is a pretty unique release and is perfect for those who are Tokidoki fans! Even if you aren't a fan of Tokidoki, I say that she's still worth getting because of her very original faceup! She would look very good redressed in other styles too, especially in punk or gothic fashions!

Pictures of My Dal Vendettina:

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