Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pullip Galene: Review

Pullip Galene is the newest addition to my Pullip family, and I couldn't be more happy to welcome her to it! I've had my eye on her for a little while now, and to finally have her is like a dream! Galene is a Creator's Label doll that was released in 2012. She's quite a gorgeous doll with an elegant style, and it's a mystery to me as to why she so often gets overlooked! I don't know if people are put off by all the grey she's wearing, but I think that it really is unfortunate, because she's a real beauty, and this is coming from someone who usually gravitates to the more brightly colored dolls with crazy colored hair!

Pullip Galene Comes With:

- Floral headdress that ties around the back of her head
- Lavender coat with silver button detailing
-  Choker neck dress embellished with beads at the front and sheer netted skirt with multiple layers
- Gray ruffled shorts
- Detachable ruffled train skirt that snaps on
- Lace arm warmers
- Beaded bracelet that ties around her wrist with ribbons
- White thigh high stockings with lace lining the tops
- Beaded snap-on ankle cuffs with tasseled bottoms
- Brown heeled Mary Jane shoes
- White chair
- Pullip Galene's Trading Card
- Black doll stand


- Her wig is an unusual dark gray color that isn't a common color found on most Pullip dolls and is styled into thick, full ringlets!
- No wig cap showing! (May vary from doll to doll.)
- Pretty faceup! Her eyebrows are straight and fairly light, and are a bit on the thin side. Her eye makeup is simple and not overdone. She has smokey grey and brown eye shadow, and has a bunch of faint, thin lines painted right above her crease line, which is kind of an interesting detail. She also has brown eyeliner around the top of her eyes and lots of thin brown lashes bordering the bottom of her eyes. The inner rims of her eyes are also painted pink! Finishing off her look, she has light pink blush and beautifully painted lips that are nude and coral pink in color and are shaped in a way that make them look very full and pillowy!
- Amazing black eyelids with shiny black eyeliner!
- Her eyechips don't have any sparkle or painted designs in her pupils, but they're a very interesting greenish-gray color and are somewhat transparent looking!
- Her stock outfit is extremely well made and so detailed! There's ribbon, ruffles, and beading everywhere, and it's all so lovely! Her coat is versatile and can be used with other outfits, and the detachable skirt is a fun way to change her look up a bit.
- Her nails are actually painted! It's a really neat touch! There definitely aren't very many Pullip dolls released that have painted nails, and actually Galene is the first out of all my dolls to have that detail!
- The chair she comes with is really nice looking and also very well-made! It is made from plastic but it has been painted to look like wood, and the seat of it is actually somewhat soft and lightly cushioned! It needs to be assembled and the pieces snap together, but it is also still quite sturdy. It really is a fun prop to use in pictures, too!
- Shoes stay well on her feet!
- Type 4 body!


- Like most curly haired dolls, her wig is quite frizzy, and the shorter curls near the top of her head are a bit strange looking.
- Her shoes are a really soft plastic, which unfortunately means that the heels of her shoes are prone to bending under her weight. It's a pain to deal with when placing her on her stand, especially.
- Her headdress has a tendency to fall off her head.
- Her stock outfit has a lot of thin, delicate materials on it that can easily tear if you aren't careful.


- She's slightly pricier than some of the other Pullip releases, but it isn't too steep. Pullip Style currently has her for a bit less than normal at $120.

The Verdict:

If you are considering getting Galene but are a bit hesitant about whether or not you should buy her, I will have to encourage you to take the plunge and  do it, because she is worth it! I cannot stress enough how unbelievably stunning she is! She is really one of a kind and definitely not one anyone should pass up on! I understand how some may feel that her stock is too busy, but if you look past that, you will see just how lovely she is and that she can actually look great in different clothing styles and wigs! 

Pictures of Fiore, My Pullip Galene:

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