Saturday, March 14, 2015

Needle Felting: Mokona

With the completion of my custom Yuuko doll, I thought it would be really cute to make some little props for her, too! I decided that the first thing I'd make for her would be something needle felted, as I really wanted to improve my skills at needle felting, and I figured that Mokona would be perfect! I actually ended up making the White Mokona, as I had lots of white wool on hand and I wanted to use it as a test to even see if it was possible for a beginner like me to make something that wasn't from a needle felting kit before going out and buying all the colored wool that I would need to make Black Mokona!

To my surprise, it was actually a very easy project. Mokona's body is essentially egg-shaped, and his hands, feet, tail, jewel, and ears are all very simple shapes to make! I actually feel that the most difficult part was getting the face right, to be honest. Despite that, I feel very confident to start working on Black Mokona now! He's already in the works, and the base of his body is just about done! I'm considering posing him a bit differently from White Mokona just so he doesn't seem like an exact copy. Yuuko will have her little companion with her, soon!

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