Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pullip Merl Nostalgia: Review

I got the adorable Pullip Merl Nostalgia back in April of this year, and she is by far one of the cutest dolls I've ever seen! This darling little sailor was released back in 2013, just a year after the original and very popular Merl. Although both versions of Merl have the same style outfit and hairstyle ( with the only difference being the color for both), that's about where the similarities between the two end. Merl Nostalgia is very much her own doll, and not just a carbon copy of the Merl that came before her!

Pullip Merl Nostalgia Comes With:

- Two hair bows (One large and one small) attached to a barrette
- Red Choker with miniature key pendant
- Sash with key charm
- Red coat with button detailing and pleated hem
-  Sleeveless cream colored dress
-Striped knee high socks
- Faux leather boots with ribbon laces
- White doll stand
- Pullip Merl Nostalgia's trading card


- Great quality wig! It's styled very prettily in loose waves and is a beautiful sandy color! It's also very soft and manageable, and the wig cap does not show through! (May vary from doll to doll.)
-  She has a very nice faceup that consists mainly of pink colors with just a touch of shimmery white eye shadow near the inner part of her eyes, giving her a fresh and natural appearance! Her eyebrows are thin and somewhat short and match the color of her wig, and her lashes are simple and are painted a medium brown color. Soft pink blush and pink glossy lips finish off her look! 
-  Her eyes are a bright, vivid blue that really stand out, especially in pictures!
-  Most everything about her stock is beautifully made and is of good quality, despite being made of such light material! Her boots are especially well-made, and actually seem like they could be real shoes!
- Her shoes are very secure and fit her feet very well! There should be no issues with them falling off.
- She's very versatile and would look amazing in almost any clothing style and various different wigs!
- Type 4 body! 


- The key charm on her sash can fall off, and it seems like it coming loose is a very common problem. 


- She doesn't come with any extra props, unfortunately. It would have been nice if she did, but most of the later Pullip releases tend not to come with much anyway.

The Final Verdict:

Pullip Merl Nostalgia is without a doubt, absolutely worth getting, whether you've got the original Merl or not! There's nothing really negative to say about her at all, and she's sweet looking and adorable. Also, as I had mentioned before, she would look good in just about anything! Currently, she is sold out on Pullip Style and on Groove's website, but she can still be easily obtained at a fair price on amazon and dollmarket! So, if you have her eye on her, I wouldn't hesitate to grab her while you still can!

Pictures of Marisol, my Pullip Merl Nostalgia:

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